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About Rising Sun Baptist Association


The idea of this organization was conceived in the minds of the original founders, due to the need of interdependence of churches in the downtown area of this city.  The organization opened a window of opportunities for non-pastoring preachers, in support of their calling; to expound upon the gospel of Jesus Christ and also for the sharing expertise in church ethics, and Christian development. Along with these and many other needs, the prerequisite for the founding of the Rising Sun Missionary Baptist Association became a spiritually inspired urgency in the hearts of the brethren.


It was Rev. Isaiah Molondra Vincent who would not allow this idea to die, and through persistent attempts and follow-ups, was successful in formulating a charter committee.  On September 6, 1935 before Harold S. Rayl, Notary Public and in accordance with the provision of the laws of the state of Louisiana relative to the formation of an organization of religious, charitable and literary association and corporations more particularly Act 254 of 1914 and all amendments thereto, did by those present, organize themselves an association known and designated as “The Rising Sun Missionary Baptist Association”, as stated in the article number of the charter.


The first officers as designated in Article No. 6, as the first cabinet were:  Rev. Isaiah Vincent, Founder/President; Rev. E.W. Sims, Vice-President; Rev. D. Thomas, Treasurer; 

Rev. Robert R. Jenneford, Financial Secretary; Rev. George Johnson, Recording Secretary; and W.C. Tobias, Statistician.


Specific goals of this organization were indicated in Article No. 2. The objective and purpose of this corporation are declared to be for the spiritual and moral welfare of its members.  It is also the objective of this association to furnish financial aid and assistance to member churches in distress; to establish and maintain a home for the aged and those in the Missionary Baptist faith, and others who so need; to establish and maintain a seminary or school for the purpose of teaching the doctrine of the Missionary Baptist faith; to disseminate and spread the doctrine of the Baptist Church of Missionary organization; and generally, to do such things and engage in such activities as are necessary and proper to accomplish the purposes as expressed or implied therein or that may be incidental hereto and not repugnant to the law.


The Rising Sun Missionary Baptist Association has continued under several leaders.  Listed are their terms and accomplishments:


Rev. Isaiah Vincent – Founder (1935 -1962) – Under his administration the acquisition and pay off for first two parcels of property located on Charbonnet Street was made.


Rev. Alfred Ballard  (1962 – March 1978) – He maintained the Association for a period of about 10 years.  The association had no sessions during this period.


Rev. Elijah Gray (1978 – March 1981) – Resigned in March 1981.


Rev. Isaiah Peterson (March 1981 – Session of July 1981) – As Vice-President he became moderator after Rev. Gray’s resignation.


Rev. George Robinson (July 1981 – July 1991) – Under this administration the group has grown and maintained a progressive movement toward achieving previous designed goals.


Rev. Dr. Walsdorf H. Jenneford, Sr. (July 1991 – December 2010) – The Association under his administration had purchased four parcels of ground each on both sides of the originally purchased property of the original founding administration.  This total ground measures 364 feet front by 108 feet in depth located in the 1400 block of Charbonnet Street.  This Association had erected and opened the Rising Sun Homes in May 2009, the prescribed building envisioned by our forefathers. 


Rev. Willie Montgomery (January 2011 – December 2015) under this administration, new members and new churches are considering becoming a part of the Rising Sun Missionary Baptist Association.


Rev. Dr. Willie J. Green, Jr. (October 2014 -- Present)


The ideas of this Association have not changed, they have only intensified.  Our forefathers with limited education and resources made great achievements.  Many pages of history have been written, yet there are many accomplishments to be made.  We are now writing our pages – What will they say to the generations to follow?


As we begin this term of office there are those of us privileged to lead this association forward into the next century.  With God going before us, leading us, beside us, comforting us, encompassing us, fortifying us, this Cabinet and Body shall achieve victory.


Achievements come as a result of faith, effort, and sacrifice.  History only records the results.  Real effort is displayed and sacrifices are made in accordance to one’s faith.  A home for the elderly could not have been built without faith; faith without effort is not faith.  Effort without sacrifice is not conquering.  An institution for learning cannot be established without Conquering Faith.  Nothing happens alone.  Everything of worth or value that has come about is because someone caused it to happen, somebody sacrificed, someone suffered, and believed it to be.  The Institution of Learning will come to pass.


If it’s going to happen we must continue to put forth the kind of effort, make the kind of sacrifices and exhibit the kind of faith that will make it happen.


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